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the trash in trash. clo alcoholics in amsterdam are getting paid to pick up beer. the new york city describes one worker shift as his workday begins at 9:00 a.m. with two cans of beer. he gets two more at lunch and another at 5:00. if all goes smoothly, two to round off a productive day. that's seven. what's going on over there in. >> they just had another beer. >> street cleaners get lunch and cigarettes. critics dismiss it as a beer project and say it's misguided. one city official argues that alcoholics cannot be ostracized. speak of problem drinkeri of pg. i wouldn't say that's a problem. he's getting the water. nick. isn't this better than having drunks sit in the park all day like yourself? gets them to do things. >> yes and no. there's going to be beer cans everywhere. they're going to be picking up their own crap. >> it's like self-fulfilling. >> it's a dream. you come home and puke it in trash. your wife says what have you been doing? time and a half. how do they hand the overtime situation? >> during the holidays you probably get extra hours. >> this is like paying single
. a girl was prevented from selling misteltoe to pay for her braces. they said she was violating a city ordinance. madison route, a perfect name, was hawking the plant at the saturday market when she was told it was illegal to sell the plant without a permit. she is so cute with that hat. the guard said it was perfectly okay for her to beg for money, but the 6th grader was not happy with that answer. on tuesday she told something called "the five," not sure what that is. it is probably some temporary, filler show, that this story is not really about her. >> it is about people who are being able to beg, but i can't raise money, work hard and have a good work ethic, but they can beg. >> somebody is getting audited. if there was fox news for kids like on saturday morning she would be the host. >> there is an idea. >> open up a lemonade stand. we are going to make some cash. seriously, she's got what it takes. doesn't this sum up obama's america? begging is better than working? >> let me go off on a limb here. i don't think this story is real. they are sending her money and everything. that
with a new york city radio station last week. obviously it is time for another installment of -- >> finally somebody said what we are thinking, but we didn't because we thought we would get in trouble, but it is the truth which is sad it is the world we live in. >> take it away, mr. west. >> man, let me tell you something about george bush and oil money and obama and no money. people want to say obama can't make these moves or he is not executing. it is because he doesn't have the connections. black people don't have the same connections as jewish people. black people don't have the same connections as oil people. >> well said, sir. finally we get back to blaming the jews. we asked kanye west's cat to comment. >> and we know who caused the cat to fall. the jews. the jews. there was a cushion down there and the jews took the cushion and then the jews drugged the cat. the cat started moving and the cat falls on the floor. finally, finally somebody has the guts to get to the heart of somebody's problem. it is the jews or the lack of jews. >> first of all, if the jews are so well connected, wha
, i'm dana >>> hello, everyone. i'm dane ma perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. and this is "the five." so it's day two of how bah ma on offense. today's strategy, try to link the gop to the problems of his botched health kcare issues. >> in an effort to repeal the affordable care act, and admittedly poor execution on my
it is fantastic. >> it is different to be in new york city to be alone and all of these people around you. >> new york teaches you to crave loneliness. there is no reason to solve loneliness. you have to embrace it. that's what books are for. the books were created so you are never lonely. >> musicians and scientists and everyone important was lonely. you don't have creative time. >> from you lonely, just go to a bar. >> when you don't get a phone number. >> well there are things to alleviate that suffering too as well. this is a family show. we won't get into that here. you know what i'm talking about. >> prostitution. >> no, not that. something close. fisher-price, the only company i buy things from is taking crap from some consumers for one of its newest products. why are we showing these people holding hands a? is somebody really drunk? wow. >> this is about the activity seat which is a child seat for newborns and toddlers with an ipad mount. it is not people walking around headless and holding glasses of wine. >> i think what happens is these kids use this thing and that's how they grow up.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)